Lifetime monkey bar adventure Swing Set

Lifetime monkey bar swing setFeaturing an incredibly fun and thrilling playground set by Lifetime, the Lifetime monkey bar adventure Swing Set is a great equipment to have in your backyard to encourage imaginative play and physical exercise while giving endless hours of fun to your children. This swing set provides loads of fun with many fun features included in it.

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Made from heavy-duty and powder coated galvanized steel and high- density polyethylene, this playground set is a strong, heat and weather resistant and low maintenance equipment that will stay with you for a long time to come.

This lifetime playground set is designed with many safety features to keep the children safe and secure while playing on it. It is recommended for children aged 3 and older. However, some of the features can only be used by older children. The maximum weight it can hold per station is 135 pounds.

The playset comes with a limited 5 year factory warranty.


  • Free standing set; does not require cementing or anchoring
  • Three belt swings
  • One trapeze belt
  • One fireman’s pole
  • Monkey bars
  • 9 feet wavy slide
  • Designed with safety features like rubber grips on chains and rounded edges
  • Made from heat and weather resistant galvanized steel that doesn’t warp, split or splinter like wooden sets
  • The galvanized steel protects the set from rusting and deteriorating
  • Requires very low maintenance and no regular paint is required
  • The set is UV resistant and so, will maintain color even in the extreme heat of the sun
  • Comes in earthy tone colors

How to assemble the Lifetime monkey bar adventure Swing Set?

monkey bar swing set for kidsAssembling the playground set is not difficult with the detailed instruction manual provided. All the tools and hardware needed for assembly are included with the set.

Before assembling, you should read the instruction manual and check all your parts against the checklist provided. Check that all the parts are functional and in proper condition. A user may need some more tools like wrench, hammer, rubber mallet and ladder which are not included in the package. Although it is easy to assemble, it may require some basic craftsmen skills.

Safety tips to make it safe to use

  • Don’t allow more than six children to play on it at one time.
  • Always instruct the children about safe play on the equipment.
  • Adult supervision is required especially for younger children.
  • Instruct the children not to move close to the equipment.
  • Make sure the children don’t get down from the swings while in motion.
  • Don’t ever try to move the set while children are using it.
  • Always dress the children appropriately when they are playing on the set and avoid scarves, ponchos and other loose fitting clothing that can cause strangulation.

User reviews

Users have generally found this playground set to be very adventurous and a perfect investment in their backyard. The summary of user reviews is as follows:


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable
  • Weather resistant
  • Doesn’t rust and rot
  • Fun filled
  • Safe to use


  • Expensive – the only drawback is that users find the price a bit too steep!

Kettler Deluxe multiplay swing set

Featuring two fun filled swings and one glider swing, the Kettler Deluxe multiplay swing set is the ultimate playground equipment to add in your backyard. These help to promote fine motor skills and encourage physical activity as your child plays for endless hours on the swing. It allows four children to play at once which also promotes a child’s social activity as he plays with other children.

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The Kettler swing set is made of a very strong material that is high carbon steel which goes through a five step paint process and a final powder coat finish that protects it from rust. The swing set comes with strong ground anchors to make it more secure as children play on it.

It is recommended for children ages 3 and up. However, for the board swings, parent supervision is recommended especially for younger children. The weight capacity it can endure is 200 lbs.


  • Include 2 board swings
  • One open station to add any of the Kettler accessories like a glider swing, Gondola or surf board which have to be bought separately
  • Strong ground anchors included to make it safe for children to play on it and prevent the set from falling over
  • High- carbon steel frame with five- step and rust proof paint and a polyester powder coated finish
  • Designed for 4 children
  • High impact blow molded resin swing seats
  • Bright and bold colors to attract the attention of young children
  • Measures 126 x 85 x 78.5 inches (W x H x D)

How to assemble the Kettler Deluxe multiplay swing set?

Kettler Deluxe multiplay swing set gliderThe task of assembling may look overwhelming but the details assembly manual provides very clear information about the assembly. All the parts and accessories are provided with the play set. However, you will have to buy the accessory for the open station separately.

The assembly manual includes a list of all the parts you should receive. First, check that you have received all the parts against the check list and make sure they are not damaged. All the required tools are provided with the equipment so the user will not have any problem in assembling the set. By following the diagram and the detailed instructions, it is very easy to assemble.

Assembly tips to use

  • Make sure you mount the swing set in a place which has enough space surrounding it to give ample space for the children to swing.
  • Use the ground anchors to anchor the set to concrete surface. Make sure this is done appropriately and give close attention to this part.
  • When assembling, make sure the area is free of danger and children are not around since the parts can cause injury as well as suffocation.
  • If any part seems damaged, contact the dealer

User review

Users generally found the Kettler playset to be a perfect equipment for their children to provide fun filled experience all year round in their backyard. To summarize user reviews and see what people generally like or dislike about this swing set:


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong
  • Big swing seats
  • Durable
  • Secure


  • Expensive

Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center with Glider

Providing countless hours of fun for the children right in their backyard, this Step 2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center with Glider, is a giant play center that your children will simply love to play on. Children can have exciting adventures in the play center while they climb up on the step ladder or from the adventurous rope ladder and enjoy the long slide.

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The clubhouse will entertain the children and promote imaginative play. The swing sets will keep your children busy while they swing on the sets for countless hours while the glider swing will even keep your toddler busy for some time. This play center really combines a bundle of fun features in one set and provides a perfect place for the children to be amused and indulge in imaginative play.

Perfect for your backyard, this play center has nice colors which are not too bright and blend well into the natural landscape. The aesthetic features of the play center are great with rustic lodge theme.

The Step2 Naturally Playful® Adventure Lodge Play Center is very strong and durable with meticulous safety and strength features including double poly construction that prevent the playset to break.


  • Rustic theme features with natural textures and colors hat blend well into any residential
  • Clubhouse includes climber and playhouse which allows multi-child play
  • Top level playhouse at a height of 40” with a colorful and attractive canopy, large windows and balcony railing
  • Rope ladder and step ladder to climb up
  • 6’ wavy slide
  • 2 swing beam positions with two swings
  • One 2 seater glider swing for toddlers and younger children
  • Basketball hoop with a good, durable backboard (ball not included)
  • Half door, crawl through portals and mail slot included in the lower level of playhouse
  • Double- wall poly construction to increase durability and strength of the wood.
  • Ground anchors to secure the set firmly to the ground.

The playset is recommended for ages 3 and up. However, for the swings, the maximum weight is 75 lbs. each.

How to assemble the Step2 Naturally Playful ® Adventure Lodge Play Center with Glider?

Although it takes time to assemble the play center but if the instructions are properly followed, it is not a problem. All the parts required to assemble the set are included and there is no need to purchase any more parts or tools. However, the assembling part requires a person to use basic handcraft tools that are normally present in every household like screw drivers, etc.

Safety tips for Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center

Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play Center


Firstly, make sure you read the instruction manual carefully and ensure that you have all the parts required for assembly. Make sure you have ample space around the equipment to make sure it is safe to use. Check all the hardware occasionally to make sure no part is getting lose or coming out. Also, check the anchors carefully to make sure the equipment is safely attached to the ground.


User review

“I bought the playset for my son who is 2 years old. He was really a cranky baby and he wouldn’t get off my back for even a second during the whole day no matter how many toys I bought him. But after buying the playground set, I was amazed to him playing on it for countless hours. I have the baby sitter watch him while he climbs up the step ladder and even the rope ladder and then goes on the slide. Although it is not for 2 year olds but son is nevertheless enjoying it. I am really happy that I bought it. “

Step2 Play up Gym Set

A fun play set for active tykes, the Step2 Play up Gym Set offers unlimited hours of playtime for your young ones to keep them busy. It features a raised treehouse shaped platform with a built-in steering wheel, accessible by a set of steps and can be exited through a fun slide, and two swings. A swing made especially for toddlers can also be bought so even the much younger ones can play.

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The Play Up Gym set is recommended for kids ages 3 to 6 years, though younger kids can also play on them, provided there is constant supervision by adults. It can accommodate a maximum of 4 children at a time, with a weight limit of 300 lbs or 136.1 kg in total.


Step2 Play up Gym Set review


– Comes in different colors and trendy designs
– Treehouse shape and attached two swings for endless hours of fun
– Climb steps to enter the treehouse, and exit through the slide
– Durable construction

How to assemble the Step2 Play Up Gym Set?

No need to worry about going crazy trying to put the whole thing up. The Play Up Gym Set comes with an instruction manual fully equipped with labeled pictures of each part and step by step instructions in the form of photos with embedded text and arrows for a much easier installation or building. Adult construction is a must in putting this product together.

Before setting it up, make sure to check if all parts, bolts and screws are complete and they are of good quality, to avoid any problems during set up. Should you find that something is missing or of poor quality, contact Step2’s Customer Service Department immediately for replacement of parts and other concerns.

Also, it is highly recommended not to place the Play Up Gym Set on hard surface such as gravel or packed soil as fatal injuries may occur whilst playing. Allowing your children to wear anything around their necks is also advised against as it may cause choking.

Avoid the hassle and make installation a breeze

As previously mentioned, never forget to check if the parts are complete and are in tip-top condition to avoid any hassle. You would want to ask help during the installation, someone preferably with the correct tool or building know-how, as most people who have purchased the product found it quite hard to install by themselves.

One person wrote in their review that you could try and “insert the pole into the castle part before installing the roof,” adding that there is no necessity in following the instruction manual down to the letter. As with any other thing you will have to set up, trying to do a step before the other not as prescribed in the instruction manual, won’t really hurt. Try whatever you think would make everything easier for you.

To improve the product’s lifespan, Step2 advises to provide at least a 6-foot clearance around the equipment’s perimeter. Also, check if hardware on the steps and swings, like bolts and screws, are tight and beneath the surface to keep the kids from accidentally tripping or hurting themselves on it.

What people say about the Step2 Play Up Gym Set

The Play Up Gym Set isn’t as hard to install as some reviews claim. There were some screws that were missing when we first bought it, but Step2 sent replacements which got here within a week. It is perfect for our backyard. My daughter is in love with this set, and so am I! I’d recommend this product to anyone, and I can say it will definitely provide loads of fun!
– a review by Havasu04

Kettler Deluxe Single Swing Set

If your child is ready for a swing in the back yard, then the Kettler Deluxe Seat Swing Set will keep your young one entertained providing hours of great fun for them.

Ideal for a child aged 3 years and up, this metal swing set comes with a board swing and ground anchors and is sufficiently tall so as to give that real swing feel but with safety features to give you peace of mind that your young one is safe whilst using it.



  • Ideal for young children who want that park experience in their own yard.
  • It measures 85 height x 78.5 with x 68 inches length.
  • The swing frame has a fade and rust resistant powder coat finish
  • It is constructed with high-tensile steel providing a strong frame for the swing.
  • The swing comes with high impact blow molded resin boards.
  • You can change the board of the swing to meet with the preferences of your child.
  • Ideally suited for children who are aged 3 to 8.
  • Comes with ground anchors which must be used to keep the swing sturdy.

How to assemble the Kettler Deluxe Seat Swing Set

The Kettler Deluxe Seat Swing Set is very easy to set up and has very well fitting parts. Users report an assembly time of around 15 minutes.

Kettler make great quality play sets and many users report being impressed by its sturdiness and durability. Be aware that the instructions are in German though, but you can follow the picture charts easily and they will guide you through what needs to be done in an easy-to-follow way. You will find that this will be enough to guide you through the assembly of the set, because of the logical way that they have planned the process.

Common user concerns

If you are concerned about the slightly higher price than other types of swing, then be aware that with the little bit extra you spend, you gain a much better quality product that will last you for years to come.

It sits well on various surfaces from concrete to firm grass and it does not take up much yard space at all, so if you are limited for backyard space you need not be concerned about this swing taking up too much room.

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing along Castle review

If your child is in need of some fun play time during the day, then the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing along Castle is perfect for keeping your little one occupied.

Ideal for toddlers, this castle of fun comes in molded plastic of different colors and has a slide, a swing, a rock wall, telescope and platform to encourage active use of the imagination and role playing. The Castle can also be used inside or outside and can be assembled easily in 60 minutes.


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  • A Swing with a 3-point safety belt, to keep your toddler safe
  • A Slope slide that is gentle enough for soft landings
  • An easy climbing wall for toddlers
  • A telescope that swivels 360 degrees for great pirate games
  • Has a steering wheel for fun imaginative play
  • Ideal for newly-walking toddlers
  • Can take a maximum of 2 children
  • Can be used outside in your backyard or indoors in a playroom
  • A perfect substitute for the playground

How to assemble the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Along castle?

The Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Along can be constructed quickly and easily in less than an hour. It has plastic pieces that fit together easily with clear and concise instructions, and there are oversized screws that need to be applied to the walls of the castle to attach the platform to it.

When you a putting together the wall and swing attachment, make sure you put the screws in first and then it will line up better before attaching the steering wheel. The steering wheel does unscrew, however if used persistently, but will just need re-attaching if it does.

The swing is ideal for little ones as it swings gently, and is hung by metal rods which are attached easily and won’t rock too much.

Helpful tips in making the most out of this swing set for toddlers

This play set is aimed at toddlers and will not suit an older child of 4+ years. The swing is quite low to the ground so make sure they are sat in the seat properly before swinging.

If you have an older child using the swing, take care that the castle does not move too much as it is a light-weight structure and designed for younger children.
A very young toddler may need some help to grip the climbing wall, and it is also useful to put rubber sole shoes on them so they can grip the surface whilst they are still getting used to it.

Don’t buy the Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set before reading this review

One of the best play sets currently out there, is the Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set. Unlike most other playground sets that are made out of wood and iron, this is made entirely out of plastic which makes it really easy to assemble and maintain.

The fact that it’s plastic also ensures that you will never to worry about any damage caused to it by the weather or nature in general.


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  • The Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set is a really cool playground set that comes with all the fun games and activities that you and your kid would expect to find in a playground, including a slide and two swings.
  • As its name suggests, this play set also features a large play deck that your kids can use as their clubhouse or fort.
  • The play deck is also equipped with a fully rotating steering wheel shaped like that of a ship, that your kids can use when playing. They can pretend that the play set is a pirate ship, for example.
  • If your children like climbing, then they are going to love this playground set, since it comes with a climbing wall that has been specially designed for children to climb, as well as rope ladder that will provide them with a greater and more fun challenge than the wall.
  • Since it’s made out of plastic, this playground play set is extremely safe for children, since there is absolutely no risk of them being hurt by splinters. It’s also really easy to maintain and you won’t have to worry about any rot caused by the rain or damage caused by termites and other insects, two problems that are very common with wooden playground sets.

Putting it together:

The Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set may look too complex and big, but assembling it is really quick and easy! First of all, it comes with really detailed instructions, complete with many diagrams that will guide you through every single step of the assembly process. Furthermore, all its parts are placed in clearly marked bags and each bag corresponds to one or several steps of the assembly. As long as you open each bag when instructed, you will have no problem at all. Finally, since this set is made out of plastic, the pieces, even the bigger ones, are very light and easy to handle. Keep in mind however that when close to completion it will be pretty heavy, so it would be wise to have someone around to help you. All in all, putting this play set together should take you around two or three hours tops!

Common consumer concerns:

The people who have bought the Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set are really happy with it. One minor complaint is the fact that it can be kind of small and not challenging enough for older children. As long as your kid is up to 4 years old, he or she will love it. If your kid is older though, perhaps you should go with a bigger play set.

My Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Set review: a great playset

One of the best and most affordable play sets on the market is the new Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Set. What sets this product apart from the others is the fact that it’s made out of high quality plastic instead of wood. This not only makes it really easy to put together, but it also ensures that weather and nature in general, will have no ill effects on it!



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  • The Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing set is a fully featured playground set that includes two swings and a slide.
  • This amazing play set also features a specially designed climbing wall for your kids to play with.
  • It also comes equipped with a fully rotating plastic steering wheel, modeled after that of a ship, that your kids will be able to use for their imaginative games.
  • This playground set is made entirely out of plastic which makes it extremely safe for children since you won’t have to worry about them getting hurt by splinters, a very common problem with wooden play sets.
  • Because it’s plastic, this Little Tikes Swing Set is completely impervious to damage cause by rain, insects and nature in general.

Endless Adventures Swing Set Assembly:

The most important thing that sets the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing set apart from all the other playground sets available on the market right now is the fact that it’s extremely easy to put together! It’s made out of plastic which makes all its pieces, even the biggest ones, relatively light and easy to handle. It’s still a good idea to have someone help you though, especially when nearing the end of the assembly process.

You won’t have to use any power tools and the instructions included are really clear and easy to follow. You will also notice that all items come in marked bags; this is intentional, since each step in the instructions only concerns the contents of one of the bags. In other words, DO NOT open all the bags and spread their contents on the ground. This will make the assembly process way longer than it needs to be. Just follow the instructions and open them one at a time, when instructed, and you should be finished with the assembly in two or three hours.

Consumer concerns:

Like with all good products, there are a couple of minor complaints about the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Set, however they can be addressed easily. One concern is the fact that set comes in one very big and very heavy box, unlike other play sets that come in many boxes that are easier to carry and handle. Well, most retailers, like Amazon, will deliver this item to you for free, so you can have the delivery men carry the box and place it in your back yard. Another issue is that some packages come with some pieces missing. The good news is that since all parts of this set come in clearly marked bags, it’s very easy to find out if something’s missing. In the unlikely event that you find out that something isn’t there, just contact the manufacturer via phone or email and you will receive the parts fairly quick.