Kettler Deluxe multiplay swing set

Featuring two fun filled swings and one glider swing, the Kettler Deluxe multiplay swing set is the ultimate playground equipment to add in your backyard. These help to promote fine motor skills and encourage physical activity as your child plays for endless hours on the swing. It allows four children to play at once which also promotes a child’s social activity as he plays with other children.

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The Kettler swing set is made of a very strong material that is high carbon steel which goes through a five step paint process and a final powder coat finish that protects it from rust. The swing set comes with strong ground anchors to make it more secure as children play on it.

It is recommended for children ages 3 and up. However, for the board swings, parent supervision is recommended especially for younger children. The weight capacity it can endure is 200 lbs.


  • Include 2 board swings
  • One open station to add any of the Kettler accessories like a glider swing, Gondola or surf board which have to be bought separately
  • Strong ground anchors included to make it safe for children to play on it and prevent the set from falling over
  • High- carbon steel frame with five- step and rust proof paint and a polyester powder coated finish
  • Designed for 4 children
  • High impact blow molded resin swing seats
  • Bright and bold colors to attract the attention of young children
  • Measures 126 x 85 x 78.5 inches (W x H x D)

How to assemble the Kettler Deluxe multiplay swing set?

Kettler Deluxe multiplay swing set gliderThe task of assembling may look overwhelming but the details assembly manual provides very clear information about the assembly. All the parts and accessories are provided with the play set. However, you will have to buy the accessory for the open station separately.

The assembly manual includes a list of all the parts you should receive. First, check that you have received all the parts against the check list and make sure they are not damaged. All the required tools are provided with the equipment so the user will not have any problem in assembling the set. By following the diagram and the detailed instructions, it is very easy to assemble.

Assembly tips to use

  • Make sure you mount the swing set in a place which has enough space surrounding it to give ample space for the children to swing.
  • Use the ground anchors to anchor the set to concrete surface. Make sure this is done appropriately and give close attention to this part.
  • When assembling, make sure the area is free of danger and children are not around since the parts can cause injury as well as suffocation.
  • If any part seems damaged, contact the dealer

User review

Users generally found the Kettler playset to be a perfect equipment for their children to provide fun filled experience all year round in their backyard. To summarize user reviews and see what people generally like or dislike about this swing set:


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong
  • Big swing seats
  • Durable
  • Secure


  • Expensive

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