Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing along Castle review

If your child is in need of some fun play time during the day, then the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing along Castle is perfect for keeping your little one occupied.

Ideal for toddlers, this castle of fun comes in molded plastic of different colors and has a slide, a swing, a rock wall, telescope and platform to encourage active use of the imagination and role playing. The Castle can also be used inside or outside and can be assembled easily in 60 minutes.


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  • A Swing with a 3-point safety belt, to keep your toddler safe
  • A Slope slide that is gentle enough for soft landings
  • An easy climbing wall for toddlers
  • A telescope that swivels 360 degrees for great pirate games
  • Has a steering wheel for fun imaginative play
  • Ideal for newly-walking toddlers
  • Can take a maximum of 2 children
  • Can be used outside in your backyard or indoors in a playroom
  • A perfect substitute for the playground

How to assemble the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Along castle?

The Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Along can be constructed quickly and easily in less than an hour. It has plastic pieces that fit together easily with clear and concise instructions, and there are oversized screws that need to be applied to the walls of the castle to attach the platform to it.

When you a putting together the wall and swing attachment, make sure you put the screws in first and then it will line up better before attaching the steering wheel. The steering wheel does unscrew, however if used persistently, but will just need re-attaching if it does.

The swing is ideal for little ones as it swings gently, and is hung by metal rods which are attached easily and won’t rock too much.

Helpful tips in making the most out of this swing set for toddlers

This play set is aimed at toddlers and will not suit an older child of 4+ years. The swing is quite low to the ground so make sure they are sat in the seat properly before swinging.

If you have an older child using the swing, take care that the castle does not move too much as it is a light-weight structure and designed for younger children.
A very young toddler may need some help to grip the climbing wall, and it is also useful to put rubber sole shoes on them so they can grip the surface whilst they are still getting used to it.

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