My Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Set review: a great playset

One of the best and most affordable play sets on the market is the new Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Set. What sets this product apart from the others is the fact that it’s made out of high quality plastic instead of wood. This not only makes it really easy to put together, but it also ensures that weather and nature in general, will have no ill effects on it!



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  • The Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing set is a fully featured playground set that includes two swings and a slide.
  • This amazing play set also features a specially designed climbing wall for your kids to play with.
  • It also comes equipped with a fully rotating plastic steering wheel, modeled after that of a ship, that your kids will be able to use for their imaginative games.
  • This playground set is made entirely out of plastic which makes it extremely safe for children since you won’t have to worry about them getting hurt by splinters, a very common problem with wooden play sets.
  • Because it’s plastic, this Little Tikes Swing Set is completely impervious to damage cause by rain, insects and nature in general.

Endless Adventures Swing Set Assembly:

The most important thing that sets the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing set apart from all the other playground sets available on the market right now is the fact that it’s extremely easy to put together! It’s made out of plastic which makes all its pieces, even the biggest ones, relatively light and easy to handle. It’s still a good idea to have someone help you though, especially when nearing the end of the assembly process.

You won’t have to use any power tools and the instructions included are really clear and easy to follow. You will also notice that all items come in marked bags; this is intentional, since each step in the instructions only concerns the contents of one of the bags. In other words, DO NOT open all the bags and spread their contents on the ground. This will make the assembly process way longer than it needs to be. Just follow the instructions and open them one at a time, when instructed, and you should be finished with the assembly in two or three hours.

Consumer concerns:

Like with all good products, there are a couple of minor complaints about the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Set, however they can be addressed easily. One concern is the fact that set comes in one very big and very heavy box, unlike other play sets that come in many boxes that are easier to carry and handle. Well, most retailers, like Amazon, will deliver this item to you for free, so you can have the delivery men carry the box and place it in your back yard. Another issue is that some packages come with some pieces missing. The good news is that since all parts of this set come in clearly marked bags, it’s very easy to find out if something’s missing. In the unlikely event that you find out that something isn’t there, just contact the manufacturer via phone or email and you will receive the parts fairly quick.

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