Metal Swing Sets – The Pioneers in Playground Equipment

Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play set


There was a time when the only thing you could get for residential purposes was a metal swing set.

Well, they are definitely the pioneers and they are still used for their cost effectiveness.


What are the advantages of using a metal swing set?

1. Easy to assemble

Metal swing sets are comparatively easier to assemble than the wooden ones. Unlike wood, these don’t require any drilling work and can be easily assembled by an adult. They are also smaller in size than the wooden ones which make them feasible to be installed in backyards especially where there is not enough space.

2. Plenty of options

Like wood, metal playsets come in a wide variety designs and gives many options and add-ons. Instead of just a basic swing set with 2 swings, you can even have an adventure filled jungle gym made of metal.

3. Cheaper than wood

Metal swing sets made of steel are very cheap and almost anyone can purchase such a set and put it in their backyard. These have to be firmly anchored to the ground otherwise there is also a risk of the set toppling over.

4. Smaller metal sets can be quite compact

Metal is generally the best if you only want a basic swing set with one or two swing seats since, you can get it cheaper than wood. Also, the swing set will be smaller if it is made of metal and so, it can easily fit in your backyard. This is the reason why metal seems to be the perfect choice if you have limited space since they can easily fit in a small place even. However, if you intend to get a swing set with a lot of other features (such as a slide), then you’ll definitely require a bigger area!


Who are they best for?

Metal swing sets are best for children aged 3 to 12 although certain metal sets can accommodate older children. It is important to adhere to the weight limit guidelines provided by the manufacturer in case of metal swing sets since some types of metal are not as strong as wood.


The disadvantages of having a swing set made of metal


1. Gets really hot under direct sunlight

However, metal has a very basic problem that it gets hot when exposed to sunlight. If the weather in your area is too hot and if you get extreme sunlight, metal may be not the best choice since it will get very hot and can burn anyone using it. Usually parents don’t allow their children to play on the metal swing sets at daytime due to the fear of hot metal scorching their children.

2. Regular maintenance is necessary

Another problem is the durability of metal. However, the durability depends on the brand you choose. These metal swing sets are usually made of steel which is first painted in many coats and then given a final powder coat finish that protects it against the weather. However, evidence from the reviews shows that even with the paint and the powder coat, metal swing sets tend to deteriorate and they start to rust and rot after some time. Especially when the swing set gets wet, there is a bigger risk of deteriorating. To overcome this problem, you should get galvanized steel, which remains unaffected from weather and moisture for at least a few years. However, the galvanized steel swing sets are very expensive and not affordable by everyone.

Metal swing sets require maintenance to make it last longer. If the paint starts to come out, you should paint it again to avoid getting the metal exposed to the weather. It requires regular inspection as well like all other swing sets to make sure your children are playing safely. This inspection is very crucial otherwise the playset can become a hazard.

With proper maintenance, a high quality metal swing set can be perfect for your backyard especially if you have a limited budget and can’t afford the expensive wooden sets.


Here are some of the Most POPULAR Metal Swing Sets for Kids

1. Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing set

Set in Primary Colors, the Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set comes with a 9 foot wavy slide, 3 swing belts (for 3 kids to hop on simultaneously! :), trapeze bar (for that gymnast in the making), and a fireman’s pole that is sure to keep kids occupied for hours!

Made from galvanized steel, this swing set is durable and sturdy enough for older kids! It is also powder-coated which is great if you live somewhere sunny and it gets really hot during the day. This set is freestanding, so it does not need to be anchored on to the ground.


2. Kettler Trimmstation Swing Set

Kettler Trimmstation Swing Set

This swing set is more like a gym set as it features a ladder, climbing rope, trapeze bar, and a swing board thus offering more varied activities unlike traditional swing sets.

It is made with a powder coat finish that will surely make it last for years to come.