Plastic Swing Sets – Perfect for Indoor Use

Plastic swing sets are increasingly preferred by people because they present a lower risk of injury to the children playing on it. These swing sets are the cornerstone of indoor and outdoor fun in mostly all day cares and nurseries since these are especially suited for young children.

While there are sets made for outdoor use, plastic swing sets usually fare well when they are used indoors. Plastic tends to fade when it is exposed to extreme sunlight and it doesn’t last long when used outdoors. No matter the quality of the plastic and the protection it has on, all plastics don’t seem to do very well outdoors. Also, these are very light weight, which makes it feasible for indoor use since they can be picked up easily and moved.

These require zero maintenance when used indoors. They don’t need to be painted as plastic won’t lose its color. The only maintenance required is cleaning the playset regularly to avoid having it all piled up in dust and debris.

Who it’s best for?

Plastic swingsets are usually for young children in the age group of 2 to 6, whereas some specially-designed swing sets can be used by kids less than 2 years old. Although the design and material will be sturdy enough if you choose the right brand, still it won’t be able to endure a lot of weight. To make it last longer, make sure that it is used by only small children in the age group recommended and the maximum weight capacity is not exceeded. If you want an activity center for your toddler, then a plastic swing set can be the perfect choice for you. Plus, it will also grow with the child for a few years.

What are they made of?

Plastic swing sets are made with commercial grade vinyl which requires no maintenance and are durable enough to last a long time. The durability and strength of the swing sets depend on the brand you choose. If the company uses high quality molded plastic, you can assure yourself about its durability. Make sure you check the kind of protection it has on. Mostly, all companies use a UV resistant and weather resistant protection on the sets. You should carefully check that the protection used is non- toxic and doesn’t cause any harm to the children. Since these are made of plastic, you don’t have to worry about your child getting injuries by falling and hitting the swing set.

Pros – why should you choose a plastic swing set?

The best thing about swing sets made of plastic is that they are very easy to assemble. Unlike other swing sets that take hours and even days to put up, these sets can only take a few minutes since it doesn’t require any drilling work. You just need to fix everything with the hardware and tools provided in the package.

Plastic swing sets are also very cheap, which is one of the reasons why these are chosen by parents. Unlike wooden swing sets, which will cost you a fortune, these sets are usually affordable by everyone.

Incorporating a wide variety of designs and features, plastic swing sets are perfect to give unlimited indoor entertainment for your young children.