Step2 Play up Gym Set

A fun play set for active tykes, the Step2 Play up Gym Set offers unlimited hours of playtime for your young ones to keep them busy. It features a raised treehouse shaped platform with a built-in steering wheel, accessible by a set of steps and can be exited through a fun slide, and two swings. A swing made especially for toddlers can also be bought so even the much younger ones can play.

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The Play Up Gym set is recommended for kids ages 3 to 6 years, though younger kids can also play on them, provided there is constant supervision by adults. It can accommodate a maximum of 4 children at a time, with a weight limit of 300 lbs or 136.1 kg in total.


Step2 Play up Gym Set review


– Comes in different colors and trendy designs
– Treehouse shape and attached two swings for endless hours of fun
– Climb steps to enter the treehouse, and exit through the slide
– Durable construction

How to assemble the Step2 Play Up Gym Set?

No need to worry about going crazy trying to put the whole thing up. The Play Up Gym Set comes with an instruction manual fully equipped with labeled pictures of each part and step by step instructions in the form of photos with embedded text and arrows for a much easier installation or building. Adult construction is a must in putting this product together.

Before setting it up, make sure to check if all parts, bolts and screws are complete and they are of good quality, to avoid any problems during set up. Should you find that something is missing or of poor quality, contact Step2’s Customer Service Department immediately for replacement of parts and other concerns.

Also, it is highly recommended not to place the Play Up Gym Set on hard surface such as gravel or packed soil as fatal injuries may occur whilst playing. Allowing your children to wear anything around their necks is also advised against as it may cause choking.

Avoid the hassle and make installation a breeze

As previously mentioned, never forget to check if the parts are complete and are in tip-top condition to avoid any hassle. You would want to ask help during the installation, someone preferably with the correct tool or building know-how, as most people who have purchased the product found it quite hard to install by themselves.

One person wrote in their review that you could try and “insert the pole into the castle part before installing the roof,” adding that there is no necessity in following the instruction manual down to the letter. As with any other thing you will have to set up, trying to do a step before the other not as prescribed in the instruction manual, won’t really hurt. Try whatever you think would make everything easier for you.

To improve the product’s lifespan, Step2 advises to provide at least a 6-foot clearance around the equipment’s perimeter. Also, check if hardware on the steps and swings, like bolts and screws, are tight and beneath the surface to keep the kids from accidentally tripping or hurting themselves on it.

What people say about the Step2 Play Up Gym Set

The Play Up Gym Set isn’t as hard to install as some reviews claim. There were some screws that were missing when we first bought it, but Step2 sent replacements which got here within a week. It is perfect for our backyard. My daughter is in love with this set, and so am I! I’d recommend this product to anyone, and I can say it will definitely provide loads of fun!
– a review by Havasu04

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