Wooden swing sets – the ultimate choice for long lasting playground equipment

There were times when you had to worry about the swing set toppling over and your child getting injuries. Nowadays, wooden swing sets made with such a sturdy structure overcome this risk completely, have taken the place of all other types including plastic and metal in relation to user preference. Wooden swing sets are an investment, which is definitely worth it. These are obviously expensive to buy if you choose the best brand with quality features but the hours of fun and excitement it can provide to your children makes it worth the high price tag. Among all other swing sets, wooden swing sets are best for residential and outdoor use.

Who are they best for?

Wooden playsets are mostly treasured since they can grow with your child and can offer fun and adventure to a huge range of age groups. They are best for children from the age of 3 to 10. A wooden swing set will build great memories of their childhood as your children play on it and have a blast every day.


The advantages of having a wooden swing set

1. Made from nature

These playsets are basically made from wood that is harvested from sustainable forests which makes them eco-friendly. Wood is also easily recyclable so it is the perfect choice for an environmental friendly playset. You will find many brands that take particular care about this thing. The choice grade wood used in these playsets makes them naturally resistant to rot and decay. The wood is rounded to make it safe for use. All the hardware used in the swing sets are covered with plastic covers. To find the best brand, just make sure the manufacturer adheres to the safety guidelines given for residential swing set manufacturers by the ASTM. The size of the wood matters a lot and make sure it is 4” x 4” which can endure more weight.

2. Lasts a long time

Wooden playsets will last a long time in your backyard. If you get a playset for your children, the probability is, it will remain with you until they move out. Made with a sturdy design, these sets can not only endure the weight of a child but even an adult can use it without causing any damage to the set.

3. Flexibility with design

Another benefit is that wood is a material that can shaped or cut in any way. This gives you loads of options for your playsets. You can have something from a basic swing set to a more adventurous and fun filled jungle gym made of wood.


Disadvantages of choosing a wooden swingset

1. Risk of injury

However, the only concern of wood is that it has the potential risk of warping and splitting when it is exposed to sunlight or gets wet. However, there are brands that use water seal process to seal their lumber for excellent resistance against weather and moisture, which makes the swing sets highly durable.

When choosing wooden playsets, give important consideration to the make and the process used in the manufacturing since it can determine how durable it can be for you.

2. Expensive

Price and affordability is the most common concern among parents. Sure you can get cheaper wood but if you aim for quality and safety, it is best to go with higher-end wood such cedar or redwood. One tip to lower the cost is to source your wood locally – just buy a ready to assemble swing set kit (complete with all the parts and design plan, except for wood). This will reduce it’s carbon footprint whilst saving you money from expensive delivery fees.